Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the point of this blog and why am I doing this?

Well that is a great question. First off, let me explain who I am and where I am at in my career search. I am an aspiring young professional living in the DC metropolitan area looking for entry-level employment in international affairs. In May of 2009, I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and was ready to tackle the world…..and then the recession hit. Confused, angry and low on funds, I left my Red Sox and moved down to DC metro area to pursue my dreams. And like many other 09 grads and soon to be 10’ grads, I figured that with two internships, a top-secret clearance and overseas experience, getting a job would be cake! Little did I know…

After I settled in and survived the epic Snowmagedden, I quickly realized getting your foot in the door of international affairs is a tricky sludge of having the right connections, the right experience and knowing what shoe to wear when you put it through that door. Currently, I am working two jobs and am very close to that glorious entry-level position. In the meantime, I pondered that I sure have learned a lot about where to look for jobs in international affairs, especially in Washington DC, so why don’t I share that precious knowledge!! The cursed class of 09 and the shadow of high unemployment should not make us idealistic grads to become insurance agents or paralegals.

So back to the nitty gritty, I haven’t planned extensively of where this blog will go, but I imagine I will be posting jobs, company profiles and anything else that poofs out of my disorganized brain regularly. And importantly, because Washington DC is the capital of IR jobs in this country I will focus on the DC metro area primarily, but will not be shy of sharing other opportunities I spot. SO if your interested, feel free to comment, send me a job, email a message or hell jump on this gravy train!



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