Friday, June 18, 2010

Fall Internships!!!

1. Business Executives for National Security
·The Stanley A. Weiss Research Associate Program-DC July 31

2. Center for Strategic and International Studies
·Fall Intern-Multiple Opportunities-DC August 1

3. American Enterprise Institute
·Fall Intern-DC September 1

4. International Crisis Group
·Fall Intern-Beijing, DC, NY, Brussels, Dakar, London, Nairobi
·Different deadlines

5. Intelligence and National Security Alliance
·Research Internship-DC rolling

6. Center for a New American Security
·Joseph S. Nye, Jr. National Security Internship-DC July 1

7. Center for American Progress
·Fall Intern-Multiple Opportunities-DC July 11

8. Office of the Undersecretary of Defense
·DoD Intern-DC rolling

9. Harvard Belfer Center, Journal of International Security
·Fall Intern-Cambridge, MA July 30

10. Henry L. Stimson Center
·Fall Intern-Multiple Opportunities-DC July 15
·Herbert L. Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Spring 2011-DC October 15

11. Total Intelligence Solutions
·Analyst Intern-Arlington, VA rolling

12. International Institute for Strategic Studies
·Fall Intern-DC July 1

13. Freedom House
·Multiple Internship Opportunities-DC rolling

14. State Department
·Student Internship-DC July 1

15.Nixon Center
·Fall Intern-DC September 15

16. Amnesty International
·Fall Intern-DC, NY, San Fran, Chicago, Atlanta around July 1

17. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
·Fall Intern-DC July 1

18. Institute for Global Engagement
·Fall Intern-DC unspecified

19. Middle East Institute
·Fall Intern-DC July 15

20. Inter-American Foundation
·Fall Intern-Arlington, VA September 15

21. Asia Foundation
·Douglas K. Bereuter Program For Junior Associates In Asian Affairs-DC August 15
·(Graduate internship)

22. Washington Institute for Near-East Studies
·Fall Intern-DC July 13

23. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
·Fall Intern-DC June 30

24. Women Thrive Worldwide
·Fall Intern-DC July 26

25. Center for International Policy
·Fall Intern-DC July 14

26. Institute for Science and International Security
·Fall Intern-DC August 1

27. Institute of World Politics
·Fall Intern-DC July 1

28. New America Foundation
·Intern, Bernard L. Schwartz Fellows Program-DC August 10

29. Aspen Institute
·Summer Intern, Global Health and Development-DC June 25

30. Voice of America
·Fall PR Intern-DC June 30


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