Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GO USA!!!!

1. Greenpeace

· Fall Intern via craigslist-DC

2. Gallup

· Global Researcher, Africa-DC

· requires French fluency and progress towards a master’s degree

3. Institute for Policy Studies

· Media Outreach (Middle East) via wash post-DC

4. Council on Foreign Relations

· Research Associate, Asia Studies-DC

· Research Associate, International Economics-DC

5. Federal Aviation Administration

· International Affairs Specialist-DC

6. Department of State

· Foreign Affairs Officer-DC

· “Experience applying graphic and geospatial information science (GIS) to the analysis of human and/or political geographic issues”

· “Experience analyzing graphic and geospatial information to provide assessments regarding US preparation for and response to humanitarian crises in Africa”

7. International Relief and Development

· Program Assistant, US Programs-DC

8. University of Arizona

· International Student Specialist-Tucson, AZ

9. Genocide Intervention Network

· Conflict Risk Network Intern via washpost-DC July 1

10. Conservation International

· Global Initiatives Intern via washpost-DC


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