Friday, May 28, 2010

Have a Great Memorial Day

1. National Democratic Institute
Program Assistant: Political Parties-DC

2. Council on Foreign Relations
Research Associate, International Institutions and Global Governance-DC

3. Brookings Institute
Staff Assistant-Part-Time-DC

4. State Department
Program Analyst-DC
Intelligence Research Specialist-Boston
Security Assistant-Alexandria & Arlington, VA
·both the Program Analyst and Intelligence Research Specialist
require master’s degrees-lame I know!

5. SmithBucklin
Entry Level International Trade Membership Administrator-DC

6. Business Council for International Understanding
Program Officer-International Relations-DC

7. Chemonics
Temporary Assistant-DC

8. Human Rights Watch
Arms Associate-DC

9. Abt Associates
Associate Analyst/Task Manager-Bethesda, MD

10. AMEX International
GEO analyst-DC

I won't be posting until after the weekend because I'll be on vacation baby! Enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 10 Websites for Entry Level IA Grads!!!

1. One Day One Job an amazing website that posts a new company profile every day throughout the US that has entry level job openings. You can also find great articles on tips to accelerate your job search.

2. Entry Level Examiner found this the other day. A high rate of great posts geared towards entry level job seekers.

3. Hired Education via WSJ a great blog from 2010 grads on job search strategies.

4. Brazen Careerist a community of generation Y/millennials who discuss social media, jobs, and give resume reviews. It is a great place to figure how to market yourself with Web 2.0.

5. Young Professionals in Foreign Policy an association of young professionals interested in foreign affairs. Located in DC, NY, London and Brussels. If you can, join it.

6. Foreign Policy Magazine an awesome free online magazine where you can stay up to date on international news.

7. Foreign Policy Association Job Board a great job source for international affairs positions. Updated fairly regularly and has jobs worldwide.

8. Mashable a great site to learn about social/new media.

9. Businessweek Career Development a good source of career development articles, although more inclined towards business students.

10. Entry Level Rebel another blog to give you new entry level ideas!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Sunday

1. Aspen Institute
Project assistant-DC
· Environment and Energy Program

2. Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars
Program Assistant-DC
· requires Russian or German linguistic skills

3. The National Interest
Junior editor via FPA job board-DC

4. Chemonics
Contract Operations Associate-DC
· temporary job 2-3 months
· Speak French or another language

5. Central Intelligence Agency
Professional Trainee Program-based in Mclean, VA but definitely worldwide!!
· generally 21-25 range

6. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
hiring event-august 2010 TBD
· entry-mid level candidates

7. Human Rights Watch
Program Associate- New York or DC!!
· part-time only (20 hrs)

8. Defense Intelligence Agency
Norfolk, VA Hiring Event- June 22-Multiple locations

9. ICF International
Grants Management Analyst-DC

10. Unknown International Consulting Firm
Administrative Assistant via craigslist-DC
· Temp to hire position

11. IntelCenter
Counterterrorism Analyst/Watch Officer
· Related experience and critical language skills are a plus

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great NY+DC Entry Level Opportunities

1. Center for American Progress
·Development Assistant- DC
·Communications Assistant-DC
·Enough Research Assistant-DRC conflict research experience-DC

2. Council on Foreign Relations
·Business Development Coordinator, Corporate Affairs-NY
·Publishing Associate, Foreign Affairs-NY
·Research Associate, Asia Studies-NY
·Research Associate, National Security-NY
·Research Associate, Science and Technology-NY
·Human Resources Associate-DC
·Program Associate, DC Corporate Affairs-DC
·Research Associate, Defense Policy-DC

3. Institute for International Education
·Program Officer, Publications-NY

4. New America Foundation
·Program Associate, Global Assets Project-DC

5. Open Society Institute
·Program Assistant-DC

6. The National Academies
·Research Associate-DC

7. Avascent Group
·prefers 2 years research/writing experience

8. Black watch Global
·Regional Analyst-DC

9. Deloitte
·Federal Analyst Strategy & Operations-DC
·search consulting and DC
·they are on a hiring binge for this position
·prefer a minimum 3.5 GPA
·email me at and I can give you some extra pointers if you get an interview for this position

10. Frontier Strategy Group
·Business Development Associate-DC

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Lowdown on USAJOBS

As an international affairs or like minded grad I would bet my small salary you have come across positions at that twinkled your eye. Maybe you were interested a foreign affairs analyst vacancy at State, or an international relations analyst vacancy at the Department of Defense. And you may think to yourself, "Absolutely I'm qualified! I have language skills, study abroad experience, and just went through four years of studying every political system, and international issue on the planet!"

But you have to be very careful about treading through this draconian process. It is critical to save time and be strategic about what positions you apply for and in your job search in general. Before doing anything, you need to create a resume and to make your life easier, set up search agents so that your notified when a favorable position opens up. So after you have created your resume and search-agents on you need to figure out what kind of GS level do you fit in. This chart gives an accurate illustration of where you would fit:

GS-1 None
GS-2 High school graduation or equivalent
GS-3 1 academic year above high school
GS-4 2 academic years above high school,
Associate's degree
GS-5 4 academic years above high school leading to a bachelor's degree,
Bachelor's degree
GS-7 Bachelor's degree with Superior Academic Achievement for two-grade interval positions,
1 academic year of graduate education (or law school, as specified in qualification standards or individual occupational requirements)
GS-9 Master's (or equivalent graduate degree such as LL.B. or J.D. as specified in qualification standards or individual occupational requirements),
2 academic years of progressively higher level graduate education
GS-11 Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree,
3 academic years of progressively higher level graduate education,
For research positions only, completion of all requirements for a master's or equivalent degree
GS-12 For research positions only, completion of all requirements for a doctoral or equivalent degree


So after you've figured out your grade, you can search by your grade only, which I highly recommend. Even if there is a position that you find very attractive and that you think you may have experience for, if you do not match the qualifications requirements DO NOT APPLY. Unlike private sector jobs which usually give more leeway to great cover letters, exuberant internships or an amazing resume federal agencies do not mess around when it comes to experience. If you don't have what the fine print says then do not both. It is simply not worth the energy to fill out all of the KSA's, multiple choice questions and other requirements when you will receive a disqualification email a few weeks/months later.

Some of you may be turned off or just exhausted with the federal application system but do not lose heart. According to the Washington Post the administration has heard the public outcry and is going to end the KSA's and streamline the application process. So I am somewhat optimistic about the future but I'll save the champagne until I see some real results. I mean it is an election year!

I will post a new jobs listing tonight/tomorrow that should have some goodies. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


1. Department of Commerce
International Trade Compliance Analyst -DC
Foreign Affairs Specialist in National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration-DC

2. US-China Economic & Security Review Commission
Administrative Assistant legislative experience required-DC

Several opportunities all require a master’s degree-DC, abroad

4. Millennium Challenge Corporation
Executive Assistant need masters!

5. Department of State
Politico-Military Desk Officer-DC

6. Creative Solutions International
Program Associate Latin America/Caribbean-DC
Program Associate South Asia master degree desired –DC

7. Gallup
Government Project Specialist-Middle East-requires SPSS, SAS, or STATA experience
6-month rotation in the Middle East

8. American Enterprise Institute
Research Assistant Demographics and Latin America-DC

9. Peace Corps
Regional Recruiter-Arlington, VA
Global Payment Specialist-DC
Facility Operations Specialist-DC

10. World Bank
Junior Professional Associates younger than 28-DC
2 year contract with no extension hmmm

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entry Level Essentials

I am sure most of you are quite aware of new media, web 2.0 and many of the social websites out there today. But how may of you utilize these tools to enable and strengthen your personal brand? Below are a few tips I have picked up along the way that will help both entry level and junior international affairs (IA) candidates to get farther in their job search increase their chances of success. Follow these steps and get noticed!

1. Create your social identity.
I don’t mean you have to twitter like Aston Kutcher or have the most friends on MySpace. I'm saying that by creating a clean and responsible online profile that projects professionalism you will raise your attractiveness as a modern job candidate who takes initiative. If you want to get noticed out there you need to first create a presence. Start with Linkedin and Monster. Make sure you include a picture and take the time to fill out all of the smaller details including a complete work history, education, and preference for job industries. On Linkedin, ask former employers for recommendations and fill out recommendations for them to show you mean it. I have received job inquiries through simply posting a resume and following these steps on Linkedin and Monster. Read up on how you can build your “online brand.”
A Note on Facebook. We all use it and we all love/hate it. Some say “I just keep it to stay in touch with old friends, while others wake up at 7am to check everyone status like a compulsive hamster.” Simply put, Facebook can be utilized as a personal marketing tool. Make sure you keep your job, location and personal information up to date. More importantly, make sure you don’t have any offensive photos or WALL POSTS. Don’t believe me? Read this and this. Many people remember to block photos, but yet always overlook wall posts about last night’s debauchery from your frat buddies when trying to privatize their Facebook information.

2. Participate. Create a blog, comment on news articles and papers and more importantly use Brazencareerist. Connect all of your digital comments to formulate a “social resume” and join groups that your similar preferences. While seemingly unimportant to your job search it will keep you focused and hone your analytical writing capabilities.

3. Read. It is critical to stay not only on top of current events, but also to what the marketplace looks like, and how the job industry is performing. Log onto your Gmail account and click on “reader.” From here, you can create an excellent reading list of your favorite blogs, articles, newspapers, etc by copying and pasting the RSS feeds. It is an excellent tool that lets you keep current on your favorite articles. Some of my favorites include Hire Education through the Wall Street Journal, Best Defense from Foreign, and One Day One Job with Willy Franzen.

4. Network.
If the light bulb in your head hasn’t gone off already, then you will soon realize networking is the key to success in a job hunt. The online job search is simply too saturated, too slow and too anonymous for some candidates to even get noticed. There is no better way to get your foot in the door than networking with connections, recruiters, friends, or even strangers. I’m no expert on networking, but it doesn’t take a genius to realize how more comfortable and enabling it is to use real human connections. To accomplish this feat which can be daunting for some, join an association, reach out to long lost contacts, utilize LinkedIn and search for recruiters, search your university’s alumni database and shoot out a few emails, attend networking events, meet people in your apartment building. Do anything you can to broaden your network base.

5. Build Experience.
There is no better way to get ahead and improve your marketability then an additional degree, foreign language capability or technical proficiency. As most of us are liberal arts majors, we have few “tangible skills.” We can tell you the history of China’s Cultural Revolution and how nuclear weapons are good for the world, but we can’t exactly fix your computer or do your taxes. That’s why it is absolutely critical to continue on the path of lifelong learning and regularly work on developing your skills. Getting a graduate degree imo is a must for international affairs students. But that doesn’t mean you have to get one right after graduating from undergrad and risk taking out thousands upon thousands of additional loans. All in all, be strategic about how you build experience. Plan ahead and make sure the goal is economically and physically feasible. Before jumping into an expensive certificate, summer language or masters program do background research and find out just how smart an investment it really can be. Also, do yourself a favor and take your GRE’s or GMATs while you’re in college, scores are good for 5 years. Get them done with, because when you’re working full time or job searching between two jobs you do not want to be studying analogies and algebra. And remember there is always hope.

Monday, May 10, 2010

First Job Post!

May 10, 2010

1. Chemonics International
· Executive Office Assistant-DC
· They also have an entry level program which recruits year round

2. DAI-Development Alternatives International
· Associate recruiter-Bethesda, MD
· Over 12 other junior positions available-Bethesda, MD

3. Department of State
· Admin Assistant Accreditation office-DC

4. Abt Associates
· Research Assistant- Mostly social policy, international development-Cambridge, MA

· Program Assistant Foreign Fulbright Scholars Program-DC

6. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
· Program Assistant Global Health Program-DC
· Need 2 years experience

7. Meridian International
· Program Manager Government Conference & Meetings-DC
· Prefer budget and conference management experience

8. Freedom House
· Program Assistant Latin America -DC
· Must have Spanish fluency

9. National Endowment for Democracy
· Program Coordination Assistant-DC
· Program Assistant Evaluation & Grants-DC
· Paid Intern-Research and Conferences Internship at the International Forum for Democratic Studies-DC

10. Asia Foundation
· Program Assistant-DC

I havent figured out my posting schedule exactly but I will look to post 2-3 days a week. Feel free to provide feedback.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is the point of this blog and why am I doing this?

Well that is a great question. First off, let me explain who I am and where I am at in my career search. I am an aspiring young professional living in the DC metropolitan area looking for entry-level employment in international affairs. In May of 2009, I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and was ready to tackle the world…..and then the recession hit. Confused, angry and low on funds, I left my Red Sox and moved down to DC metro area to pursue my dreams. And like many other 09 grads and soon to be 10’ grads, I figured that with two internships, a top-secret clearance and overseas experience, getting a job would be cake! Little did I know…

After I settled in and survived the epic Snowmagedden, I quickly realized getting your foot in the door of international affairs is a tricky sludge of having the right connections, the right experience and knowing what shoe to wear when you put it through that door. Currently, I am working two jobs and am very close to that glorious entry-level position. In the meantime, I pondered that I sure have learned a lot about where to look for jobs in international affairs, especially in Washington DC, so why don’t I share that precious knowledge!! The cursed class of 09 and the shadow of high unemployment should not make us idealistic grads to become insurance agents or paralegals.

So back to the nitty gritty, I haven’t planned extensively of where this blog will go, but I imagine I will be posting jobs, company profiles and anything else that poofs out of my disorganized brain regularly. And importantly, because Washington DC is the capital of IR jobs in this country I will focus on the DC metro area primarily, but will not be shy of sharing other opportunities I spot. SO if your interested, feel free to comment, send me a job, email a message or hell jump on this gravy train!