Friday, July 16, 2010

Profile: VisualCV

Happy Friday Everybody!

I hope everyone has AC for the Yemeni heat wave we've been experiencing. So I wanted to share with all 14 of you a new Web 2.0 tool called VisualCV. Its punchline is a "free multimedia online resume that sets you apart from the competition." It is actually a really neat and sexy resume tool compared to the 18th century piece of tree bark you've been using the past few years. It's incredibly easy to set up and you can even import your Linkedin profile to pre-populate your work experience. Why can't every job application program do that? It literally took me 5 minutes to get my profile up to 50%. It has tabs for references, security clearances, images, audio clips and even video.

The only question do employers and recruiters view this revolution? Do think tanks, public policy associations, and government agencies search VisualCV for resumes? I doubt it, but it's a great way to illustrate your Web 2.0 capability and I would put a link in my actual resume to your VisualCV and maybe highlight it in your description paragraph. And also put a link in your Linkedin profile. Try that for a tongue teaser!

Here's what others are saying about VisualCV and other creative resume tools:

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